Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Review: Disengaged by Jamie Magee

Dark Romance Novel, sensitive topics—highlighted with religious elements (hope in the face of hell).

Finding herself stranded in a new city, eighteen-year-old Ember Bloom thought she’d reached her all time low. She was wrong. A mindless walk to a dead-end job landed her in the path of her gambling fathers’ enemies. Her only defense was a stranger, Slayton Winslow, a known enforcer and fighter—rumored to be Odin’s prince, underground royalty. On sight, Slayton stole her breath and rushed her heart. Slayton’s enigmatic attraction to her, how stoically he shielded her only churned Ember’s attraction to the bad boy who had given her safe haven in a real life hell. The draw to him, how he could reach her without saying a word, gave her a reason to fight, to awaken. She knew every second could be their last in the city seeded with treacherous deceit and life threatening power plays.

Kerry's 4 out of 5 star review

There is only one word I can use to describe this book. Brutal! From page one right to the very last this story is hard to read. I have never read a book with these subjects in them before I honestly didn't read the blurb well enough as I got the biggest shock of my life when things start to go sideways. Saying that I couldn't put this book down I had guests over last night and was so rude and started reading while they were all watching a boxing match that's how much I wanted to finish this book.
The characters are raw and gritty Saylor isn't your typical bad boy next door, he's a mean unapologetic dick! But I couldn't help but feel for him his pain the torment he was going through! Ember shouldn't have had to live the life she got thrust into but she made it work to the best of her ability until the moment she sets her eyes on Saylor Winslow. The events in the book I could not predict I think that's what made it such a good read for me most books are easily figures out before the event happens but this book kept you guessing. The ending I did not see coming a mile away and it totally changed my mind on everything in glad for the way it ended. This is the first book I have read by this author but reading the thank you pages at the end I discovered she has over 20 books released and I will be reading more of her work!

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