Tuesday 27 December 2016

Review: Robots and Gadgets

Have you ever wondered what robots and gadgets can do? How they can build a car, explore Mars, help you paint a digital picture or even be kept as a pet? Discover the fact-packed world of technology and complete activities, puzzles, and mazes along the way. Factivity Robots and Gadgets has 300 stickers to make your own robots and scenes!

Shona and Lexie's review 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book because while the kids were having fun looking at how different gadgets and robots might move they were also learning..
One of my favourite pages was the Robot Safety page; we had to look at each picture, figure out what the danger was and then choose the appropriate warning sign sticker for each image.
Lexie really enjoyed the Create and Detect page, which showcases a few gadgets for us to try outside of the book, so now she's keen for me to install a painting app on the tablet so that she can change the brush sizes etc as the book suggested.

Once Lexie had 'shared' enough with me she took the book off upstairs to share some more with her older sister, both of whom had lots of fun with the various activities and stickers. Lexie says this book is excellent, because there's lot of fun activities to do. Her favourite parts were working out the answers to all the different questions and learning about the Deep Sea Robots.

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