Wednesday, 5 April 2017

PROMO: Clarence by Stephanie Baruffi

Clarence: A Story about an Italian Boy with Big Ears and Big Problems (Ages K-3)

Clarence is the story of an Italian boy who doesn't look like the rest of his dark-haired, dark-skinned family. He is quiet and shy and cannot understand why his family is so loud! Most of all, Clarence feels left out at school because the kids tease him about his big ears. They bully him and taunt him because he doesn't look like the rest of them, or so they think!

This story reflects the feelings we all can have when we don't think we fit in. It demonstrates that with a little "reflection" we can all discover that we are beautifully and wonderfully made! 

Stephanie Baruffi is an Early Literacy Specialist who lives in New Jersey with her husband Art and their three sons. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rowan University with a Masters in Reading Education in 2014. Her grandfather Clarence, who passed away in 2012, inspired this book. He loved his big family too and truly did have a big, beautiful set of ears!

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Excerpt: The students headed outside to the large wooden playground. As usual, Clarence walked around the playground alone. That is until Giovanna and Vinny pushed him from behind. Clarence turned to face them when Vinny grabbed Clarence by the shoulders and pushed him again. This time, Clarence flew backward and hit his back against a wooden pole near the slide. Clarence began to get angry, but then he took a deep breath. He realized this was his chance. He was finally able to say what he wanted to say for so long.

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