Thursday 24 August 2017

Review: Wisteria Witches by Angela Pepper

Wisteria Witches (Wisteria Witches #1)
Zara Riddle moves to the town of Wisteria for a dream job as a librarian. She hasn't even unpacked her moving boxes when she and her teen daughter, Zoey, are swept up in a murder mystery.

With all the ghosts and supernatural creatures around (Including a real hunk of a wolf shifter! Meow!) it's a good thing the Riddle women are tougher than they look. Now, if only they could handle their new witch powers as well as they've mastered their sarcastic wit!

Stacey's review 3 of 5 stars

**Recommended for those who love cozy mysteries**
This book wasn't terrible- it was sort of something you read to come down from your last intense read or to de-clutter from a busy day. The characters aren't hard to figure out in any way, the plot does not make you think deeply. At all. I am glad I grabbed it on Kindle unlimited.

Zara and Zoey Riddle move to Wisteria, to an old, red house with a mysterious past. The fellow residents are quirky. Zara finds out almost immediately that witchcraft runs in her family and that she has been harboring her gift, which has been completely hidden, until she moves to her new home. Rather than being horrified, scared, freaked, her daughter becomes jealous (she's 16) of her mother's new skills. The both kind of roll with this development- hmm...... They run into Zara's estranged aunt, who coincidentally lives in town, and attempt to reconnect. Zara's mom had passed away 5 years prior so aunt Zinnia is the only family around. Zara finds that her dream job as the town's librarian had some witchy help from Zinnia. There is also a hunk of a neighbor next store with a strange family of his own and lots of secrets. And a ghost in the house! Of the prior owner. This leads the girls on an investigation of how the former owner really did pass and if there are other underhanded things going on in their new town.

Again, this was just an okay book for me. Zara is goofy which sometimes works and sometimes irritates. (Hey, I love Sookie and Stephanie Plum and they're goofy characters!). Zoey at 16 sometimes seems overly sassy to her mom and at other times like a foot stomping toddler- didn't love her. Zinnia was flat for me, as was the rekindled relationship between the Riddle girls. Hopefully they become a more authentic family in the next installment. Maybe I'll check back in with Wisteria Witches somewhere down the road when I need a break from deeper novels.

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