Thursday, 6 September 2018

Throwback Thursday: Gobbolino the Witch's Cat by Ursula Moray Williams

One of my very earliest reading memories was this book. Or rather this story.
The version I read was included in one of those fortnightly/monthly subscription magazines. Each issue came with a magazine filled with serialised stories and accompanying tape cassette so very young readers could read along (including a ping at the end of every page so you knew when to turn over). My mum bought us the whole collection, but Gobbolino's story is the only I truly remember. And I loved it. I would fast forward the tapes to find the next instalment (I think it was split into chapters) I just new I couldn't wait til the next instalment to find out what had happened.

Over the years I have spoken to others about this story and not one other person had ever heard of it and I was convinced that I must have remembered it wrong, or imagined it. Until one day I was browsing in the local charity shop and I found this copy. I just knew I had to buy it. Sadly for me my kids were not as keen as i was... until my second oldest decided to give it a go and loved the book as much as I did.

Fast forward almost 8 years later and we found a female cat in our garden who had given birth to a litter of kittens in my daughters playhouse. We looked for the owner but couldn't find one, so we took care of the momma cat, made sure she had plenty of food and water and in return she let my kids play with and socialise with her babies... and when we saw this little guy we just knew his temporary name would be Gobbolino.. he doesn't have the white paw like Gobbolino in the story but the name most certainly it him. When the kittens got to about 6 weeks old, one day the mommma cat left the kittens behind and didn't come back, so we found a lovely home for Gobbolino (his name was changed to something the family preferred though) and one of his sisters and we ended up keeping his other two sisters. And incase anyone thinks this is a sad story dont worry we have since seen the momma cat we just think she'd had enough of raising babies.

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