Thursday 21 February 2013

Broken Gates by DT Dyllin

Broken Gates (The P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy #2)Broken Gates by D.T. Dyllin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Synopsis.

My name is P.J. Stone and I'm a Seer. Unfortunately, I saw too little, too late… like the war between my kind and the alien ‘Riders’ who are trying to overrun our world. In the past my biggest worries were boys and school…but everything has changed. I guess war has a way of doing that, changing people and things. 

Now, as the last of our kind, my friends and I must find a way to save our world before there’s no world left to save. Talk about pressure.

Well, at least I have my man…for now. Because, with everything changing so quickly, who knows what the future will bring.

My Review.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review as a Beta reader.

Because this a Beta review I'm not supposed to post spoilers because the book can change so I shall simply say this... As it stands at the moment this book is brilliant. I loved it.

From the first scene this book grabs the readers attention and holds it to ransom until that awful but brilliant but brutal cliffhanger. Dyllin is a genius. An evil genius. The third book in this series cannot come quickly enough for me.

Expected publication: April 2013 by Dragonfairy Press

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