Saturday 30 March 2013

Observation City Review and Giveaway

Observation City by Kerry Louise Connelly

ocBook Synopsis

   HAVE YOU EVER thought how much the idea of superstition could be really impacting our lives? Or  the concept that we may all very well have be born with a karmic tally board of which we can accumulate and loose points on through life?
OR have you just had a rubbish chain of first dates,ever been called 'snappy', had an unattainable love or has someone ever asked to buy your knickers?

IN this often HILARIOUS and FASCINATING look into the ideas of life and the behaviours of the people in it, Kerry Connelly manages to ask questions you may never have even thought about!
FROM dead end jobs to a woman's resume and taking control of your dreams...'Observation City' has been noted as a 'Charismatic companion for a fun, interesting and highly entertaining read.'

Full of witty reflections and situations relatable to women and men alike. 
'Observation City' is one light and enjoyable read.

Lisa's Review - 4 out of 5 stars

I will hold my hands up and honestly say that when I first started reading Observation City, I thought 'this isn't a book for me'. Simply because it is not the the type of book I have read before. But  few pages in and I had my mind changed, and taught myself a lesson. If I don't try something new, how will I know if I like it?

Observation City is 21 pieces split into 3 catagories, Love, Attitude and Life.  Each piece looks at a different aspect to life from a realistic opinion, not some romantic, movie style opinion.

After reading Observation City for a while, I began to realise what this book reminded me of. If you ever watched Sex and the City, at the end of an episode, Carrie would sit by her computer and we would hear her musing over what she had learnt that episode. This book had me imagining Kerry Louise Connelly in a similar way, only her musings are much more realistic, but also hilariously funny, and in some cases scarily accurate!

I found myself laughing out loud, or nodding my head vigorously in agreement at some of the pieces. I will admit to reading some pieces and disagreeing, then finding myself mulling over it and thinking 'oh yes, thats so true!'

My only downside to Observation City  was that I wish it had been longer!


Kerry Louise Connelly has been terrific and offered us a brilliant giveaway prize of a signed copy of Observation City! It's simple to do, and free to enter. All you have to do is follow the link below and like Kerry's Facebook page to gain some entries, plus if you would like to gain some extra entries there are a few other ways to do so. The competition will run for 3 weeks and then we will announce the winner! Good Luck!

About the Author

kerryKerry, a naturally gifted writer is an English born, Australian author.
Having worked previously in radio, journalism and retail management she now enjoys dual roles as an education assistant and author.
Having studied film and television and being an avid reader, she enjoys autobiographies,memoirs and loves a good tv show and movie.

Her first title 'Observation City' is a collection of witty reflections relatable to situations in life and the behaviours of the people in it. Currently avalable world wide.

Her second title 'Shaken: A story of emotional abuse and depression' is due for release in the coming months.


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  1. Great review Lisa, the book sounds great. Not something I would normally pick up myself either, but now I'm definitely intrigued.


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