Tuesday 23 April 2013

Siren Snow

17395442Siren Snow By Victoria Barrow

Book Synopsis

Winter is not exactly the 'season of the witch'. It's cold in Washington, and everything is covered in snow. But it doesn't bother Lucilla Sinclair, the fiery Witch-Warden for Washington state. She's perfectly happy performing minor enchantments at her little arcane shop in Redhaven, an old fishing town turned tourist attraction. Besides, her tall, dark-skinned elemental guardian Mishal keeps her warm at night. Her raven familiar, Irwin, helps her to pass the time in the otherwise sleepy town.

Magickal mischief in the cold, quiet state is slow for the most part, but when a freak winter storm lands a half-transformed Siren on her front porch, Lucy’s life becomes increasingly strange. Her dreams are suddenly assaulted with visions of a beautiful demon man, and her waking hours are spent warding off a cadre of mysterious shadow creatures.

With the life of the Siren in her hands, Lucy must trek through the snows of Canada in a race against time. Her mission: to find the one person with enough knowledge of forbidden black magick to fix the broken Siren Melusine before her seven days on land are up.

This is gonna be a rough week.

Claire's Review - 3 of 5 Stars

Before I read this book I read a few reviews and was excited to see what it was all about. However for me personally it book didn't live up to my expectations. Thats not to say it isn't a good book, it is well written and the author has an amazing imagination,  however some parts I felt belonged in a book aimed at a much younger audience.

I felt at times things were too descriptive, which for some may be a good thing but for me just made parts of the book slow and at times i really had to push myself to continue reading without skipping pages. I read a lot of this type of genre and I also found it very hard to get my head around the town knowing about mystical goings on whereas in most books this is kept secret from human knowledge.

Overall it wasn't a bad read, it was well written and a well thoughts out story line  With a few tweaks here and there I can see it becoming a very successful series and a good debut for an author.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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