Friday 7 June 2013

Schooled two blog tour and giveaway


Book2Final-3The Final Lesson Plan
Schooled Two

“They’re baaack!”

The raunchy, witty gang from Schooled is back again, but this time what they lack in full-out graphic erotica, they more than make up for in humor, sarcasm, sexual innuendo, and believe it or not, emotional angst.

Now that Janelle Garrity’s reputation has been slandered all over her hometown, and the locals are referring to her as “Professor Pedophile,” she has a lot of cleansing of her good name to tend to. But that won’t stop her from still getting down and dirty with her sexy boy toys, Briggs Alexander and Leo Cling. Both men taught her about that four-letter word, lust. But, can they further her education and teach her even more about that other four letter word, love? Briggs and Leo both possess secrets that Janelle never saw coming. Will those secrets be too much for her, causing this teacher to dismiss class early? Or does Janelle Garrity, teacher extraordinaire, have that special ability to turn all situations into a “teachable moment” for everyone involved?

Inquiring and dirty minds want to know; will Janelle hold on to that hunky football star, taking him all the way to the end zone? Or will Janelle choose the romance-reading intellectual as her other half? The Final Lesson Plan will give you all the answers, and you won’t even have to cheat.
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“That’s it?” Char asked incredulously.  “You’re not getting fired?”  Char and I met at a local bar after she showed some potential buyers a house they couldn’t and wouldn’t ever buy.  She hated those clients and always needed a drink (or five, but who’s counting?) after dealing with them.

“Yep, that’s it.”  I explained.

I was so relieved that I didn’t have to lie or omit anything either.  My principal knew everything about Leo and Briggs; she was completely informed and totally annoyed with the people who blew this out of proportion, interrupting her summer months.  She did say that by law she’d have to look into the matters, and speak one-on-one with Vince and Marcus.  I gave her their cell phone numbers and addresses.  At one point, my superintendent rolled his eyes, said that he didn’t have time for such absurd matters, and walked out. I got the vibe that my principal and the superintendent didn’t always see eye-to-eye on matters.  She was more annoyed with him than either of them were with me.  I couldn’t believe it; I was in the clear.

“I can’t believe your school is letting you fuck…do…I mean do your students,” Char squealed. “I’m going back to school to be a teacher for sure.  Damn, those high school guys are chiseled these days.”

“You’re fucking unbelievable, Char,” I said, sipping my margarita. “They’re not letting me have sex with students, you asshole.”  Char loved when I called her, and other girls, assholes.  It always made her laugh.

“Sucks.  Damn educational system takes the fun out of everything,” she whined.

“That is unless you’re teaching how fun things can be in the bedroom; those are some hot-ass lessons.” I teased.

“Right, as long as you meet the state standards,” she joked. “And yeah, speaking of those boys, what eager beaver eater are ya gonna choose?” she asked, reminding me of how vulgar she could be. Like I could ever forget.

Nearly choking on my drink, “Did you just call my….my….boyfriends ‘eager beaver eaters?” I asked. Char just lost it, laughing uncontrollably.

“Did you just call them ‘your boyfriends,’ as in plural?” She could barely get the words out, laughing hard.  “You’re one lucky-ass whore...dang it...I mean lucky-butt whore.”

Eyeing her suspiciously, “I learned from the best.” I countered, and we clinked our glasses and downed our drinks.

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