Friday 12 July 2013

Rose of Skibbereen Review

17569782Rose of Skibbereen By John McDonnell
Book Synopsis
The first book in a family saga about Rose Sullivan, an Irish girl who comes to Philadelphia in 1880 and finds love, heartache, loss, and unexpected joy during the tumultuous years around the turn of the century. She marries an Irish mystery man named Sean McCarthy, who has a violent past and a secret life, and he takes her to new heights and depths of passion. The stories of multiple characters, vividly drawn, come together in this series that examines what happens when the rural Irish of the 19th century encounter the breathtaking pace of change in the America of the 20th century
Claire's Review 4 of 5 Stars
This was not my usual type of genre to read, however the synopsis drew me and I decided to review.
Rose of Skibbereen is a well written little tale of romance and friendship, The characters were well developed and thought out for the time period.
The story keeps you reading and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction. I did struggle to read at the beginning due to not being a fan of the genre and language used for the period, but I am glad I pushed on as I really enjoyed it and would definitely be interested in reading more of Roses tales in the future.

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