Thursday, 29 August 2013

Coming Back to You review

Coming Back to YouComing Back to You by Devon Youngblood

Book Synopsis

***New Adult Romance***

Twenty-three year old Maura is still coping with her parents' sudden death two years ago. She recently graduated from college and now has her own catering business. A best friend-roommate who has been there through it all and helps make life manageable.

Until first love Pierson Hammer comes walking back into her life.

Pierson has demons of his own, after serving in the military for five years. Tormented from his past and present. he comes home hoping to make amends with Maura.

Can Maura forgive Pierson for leaving her all those years ago? Can she trust him with her future? Will she open herself up completely?

Coming Late 2013/Early 2014
**Warning: Contains strong language, and sexual situations.**

Shona's review 2 of 5 stars

The writing feels stifled, almost like Maura is talking to a group of people she doesn't know and is nervous. I hoped that this would improve throughout the book but it never really does. As a result the book never really flows for me and at various points through the book it felt more like Maura was simply reading off her shopping list. If scenes were given more to flesh them out the story would flow more freely and feel more comfortable for the reader.

I have to say I was confused by the total over reaction to seeing her ex in the club. Not to mention the "I just can't believe the nerve Pierson has to show his face after all these years". Erm hello, it's his home town too. What was the guys crime? he ended their 3 1/2 year relationship when he signed up to the marines rather than tying her to a long distance relationship. I could understand if he'd left her pregnant after lying to her and stealing all her money... Maybe I'm being too harsh? She did say he was the love of her life..

So after 5 years with no contact the ex comes home. Bumps into her when she is out at a club (the second time) and essentially drives away the guy she was dancing with using the line "she's with me" and she says its fine??? Then loses her temper when he tells her he doesn't want anyone else dancing with her. The next day he asks her out to dinner and her reply "You think you can just swoop in and I'm going to fawn over you? and is outraged when he says "why not? they are!" meaning the rest of the town, although she's livid with his reply she agrees to go out for dinner??? Really.

One dinner and two chapters later and she "likes having him back in her life". But still complains to her friend "You know everyone has left me at some point. I don't think I could take one more heartbreak." Pierson's abandonment when he joined the Marine Corps along with my parents' deaths was enough to give me serious desertion issues. Everyone has left her at some point? Seriously? Her parents died 2 years before in an accident when she was 21.. hardly an abandonment. It  feels like Youngblood is trying too hard to give her protagonist something that she needs to overcome... And that's before we even touch on Pierson's issues.

All this aside the idea behind the book was a good one. Maura was left heartbroken by her boyfriend (but we never get to even glimpse that heart-break), the one and only guy that she ever loved. Then him coming back to town after 5 years apart and him regretting the way he left things, always loving her and hoping they could be together again, but with obstacles in their way in the form of his PTSD, (which was the only thing I felt gave this couple any substance) before finally working through it and finding a way for them to be together. This could have been an epic love and with a little extra in the scenes it could be a really great read. I honestly struggled with my star rating for this book and I finally settled on the traditional Goodreads rating. I didn't hate it, but I can't say I liked it. It was a 2 star 'Ok'