Saturday, 31 August 2013

Spellbound review

SpellboundSpellbound by Emmie Dark

Book Synopsis

Belle is a modern-day witch who's had a bad run with men. And she's not that good at the magic stuff, either. When her boyfriend leaves her feeling undesirable, Belle conjures up a night of perfect passion with a phantom version of her super gorgeous neighbour Nicholas Marchetti. But after an amazing night, Belle realises it was the real Nick. And when Nick discovers Belle's powers, he is confused and wary. And to top it all off, it seems someone is using magic to try to keep the would-be lovers apart.

Angst, lust – and Aunty Gertrude – all play a part in this sizzling erotic romance that begins and ends in the bedroom.

For those who like their romance hot, hot, hot

Shona's review 4 of 5 stars

I've had this sitting on my kindle for a while, I had requested it from Netgalley but somehow managed to forget about it and it got lost at the bottom of my pile. I had just had the misfortune of picking up a book that I couldnt finish and was desperately searching through my kindle for something 'different'. I had a quick peak at the synopsis on Goodreads, honestly I didn't get any further through the synopsis than
"Belle is a modern-day witch who's had a bad run with men. And she's not that good at the magic stuff, either."

before I decided to go ahead and read it. Perhaps I should have read the entire synopsis, maybe then I would have been prepared for what I read. Pay particular attention to
"play a part in this sizzling erotic romance that begins and ends in the bedroom."

"For those who like their romance hot, hot, hot."

In case you haven't realised yet, I will clear things up. This book is full of sex. Full of sex. FULL OF SEX. If you cannot cope with your main characters having more than a kiss and cuddle with a quick fumble do NOT read this. Sometimes when a book contains this much sex the actual romance is lost, the book simply becomes the sex scenes. But Dark has managed to avoid this. What we have here is an intense attraction on both sides, with both parties unable to do something about it.

Within this story there is also a lesson to be learned. One that we have all heard before. One that is ultimately true. Before anyone else can love us we have to love ourselves.

This was well written and as such made it a comfortable and enjoyable read, so much so that I finished it in one sitting. If this is the quality of writing to be expected from Miss Dark then I want to read more.

About the author.

After years of writing press releases, employee newsletters and speeches for CEOs and politicians - none of which included any kind of kissing - Emmie Dark finally took to her laptop to write what she wanted to write. She was both amazed and delighted to discover that what came out were sexy, noble heroes who found themselves crossing paths with strong, determined heroines. And plenty of kissing.

Emmie's published works include two Harlequin Super Romance novels, Cassie's Grand Plan and In His Eyes.

Emmie lives in Melbourne, and she likes red lipstick, chardonnay, sunshine, driving fast, rose-scented soap and a really good cup of tea. Like, a really good cup of tea. She's particularly fussy about it, and has to pack her own teabags when she travels. Most members of her family are to scared to make her a cuppa, in case they get it wrong.