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Healer Review


Healer by B.N Toler


There is a balance in life most know nothing about. Some are put here to simply exist, while others have been placed here to ensure life. Healers, such as Aldo Lawson understand the power of their gift, although at times, it seems more a curse. Upon meeting a handsome young healer named Thomas, Aldo's life heads into a tailspin. With his arrival, Aldo's aunt, the woman who raised her, is forced to share a hard and scary truth--vampires exist. And not only do they exist, but they thirst for healer blood.

Despite this new and frightening information, Aldo longs for a normal senior year, and she's determined to have it. So close to achieving her goal, her world is turned upside down when her aunt is murdered and Thomas disappears. Riddled with questions, she sets out to find him.

Submerged in a world filled with sex and danger, Aldo hopes to find the vampires that will lead her to Thomas. When they find her first, she is forced to piece together truths, deal with her pain, and finds that not everything is what it seems.

Lisa's Review - 2.5 out of 5 stars

In Healer, we meet Aldo, a young woman with the gift to use heal the injured. It is not always a gift though, and she has to face a life hiding from vampires who love the taste of a healers blood.

The first half of this book I really struggled with. It jumps constantly from past to present, and I found it hard to keep up with which parts of the story I was reading, and whether it was 'real life' or in one of Aldo's dreams, which we see a lot of. Mid way through the book, the chapters stop switching between past and present and I then found it easier to concentrate on the story. I would have probably found it easier to get into the story had the past all been covered in one go before moving on to the present.

There were some good parts of the story and I liked the fact that Aldo had these healing powers and that the spin on the vampires is much different to any of the vampire characters we have at the moment. I enjoyed that it was something different and think there were some really good plot ideas, I just wished the author had taken them in a different direction.

It was really hard throughout the book to figure out who was a good guy and who wasn't, and even by the end, even though I had Thomas figured out, I wasn't so sure on Rhett. They are interesting enough characters but I felt there were many unanswered questions about them both.

Just as I found the story really beginning to pick up and I thought it was going somewhere I might enjoy, there was a big twist at the end and I have to say that even though it was unexpected, I really didn't like it. I understand that the book is left open for book 2 but I wish there had been another chapter added which, without giving away the ending, could have improved it a great deal for me personally.

I will read the next instalment of this book out of interest to see where the author will take it, but I did find Healer pretty difficult to get into.


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