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Review: The Curse of Betrayal by Taylor Lavati

The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2)
Ryder has finally decided to take her life into her own hands, but things don’t always turn out as they seem. Ollie and Ari have made a pact that leaves Ryder alone until she ends the curse and chooses her soul mate.

With her knights absent, Ryder becomes independent, seeing things in her visions that force her to question the curse—and herself.

As strange things happen at Demi God Academy, Ryder realizes everything comes back to her. She must use the power growing within her to protect her new friends in ways she never imagined possible. But as new threats surface, she may not be strong enough to protect them all.

In book two of A Curse Books, Ryder discovers what it really means to be Eurydice.

Lisa's Review - 3 out of 5 stars

The Curse of Betrayal is Lavati's second book in The Curse Books series, following on from The Thousand Years Curse. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was looking forward to the next book being even better.

Ryder is now taking some more control over her life and is attending Demi God Academy, and is supposed to trying to find a cure for her curse while the two men in her life, Ollie and Ari stay away to give her space so she can figure out which one of them is really her one true love.

The biggest flaw in this concept is the fact that Ari is a teacher at the school, and Ryder ends up spending a lot of time with him, and there are a lot of make out sessions in this book! Although Ollie features in this book, it is just a few short snippets, and where I felt the boys featured almost fifty/fifty in the first book, its more like ninety/ten to Ari in this one. And don't get me long, I like bad boy Ari, but feel if this whole series is based on a girl having to decide between two boys, those two boys need to be equally represented throughout.

On the whole I enjoyed The Curse of Betrayal, it was nice to take Ryder out of high school environment and put her into a school full of demi Gods like herself. There were a few points in the book that I found quite immature for a bunch of older teenagers but they are over lookable. There are a lot of new characters in this book, and it would have been nice to see some more in depth development of them, even just a few of them would have given them more of a connection for the reader.

Its quite common to find the writing of a second book improves a great deal from the first book, but unfortunately I didn't feel that with this book. The writing seemed quite rushed in places and skimmed a lot of details, and I found myself having to go back and re read a lot as I thought I had missed something, which turned out it wasn't there. The story itself was enjoyable on the whole though and I look forward to the next book in the series to see what happens next.


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