Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Author Promo: Kathryn Dionne

The Eleventh Hour Trilogy

Book 1: The Eleventh Hour: The Enlightened Ones

Book 2: The Eleventh Hour: Day of Atonement

Book 3: The Eleventh Hour: Resurrection

At the End of the Line
Coauthored with Abby L. Vandiver under our pen name, Kathryn Longino

Kathryn Dionne lives in Southern California with her husband, Jeff, and their two Shar Peis, Bogey and Gracie.
From an early age, Kathryn's love of treasure hunting sparked an interest in archaeology. As an amateur archaeologist, she's been fortunate enough to uncover some very unique artifacts in different parts of the globe. However, she's still searching for that very special scroll.
In addition to writing, she manages their five-acre property and their grove of Italian olive trees. Her husband has lovingly named their business; Saint Kathryn's Olive Oil.
In her spare time, she makes cookie jars and throws pottery in her studio. She also creates mosaics from discarded objects and sells them under the category of Found Art.
Kathryn's books:
The Eleventh Hour Trilogy, an Amazon #1 Best Seller, is a supernatural thriller set in Israel. The story is based on a terrifying end-of-the-world dream she had over fifteen years ago that still haunts her to this day.
She has also written a children's book called, Derek the Fireless Dragon. It is collection of illustrated humorous poems and rhyming stories suitable for children of all ages.

Her most recent book, also an Amazon #1 Best Seller, is called, At the End of the Line, and was coauthored with Abby L. Vandiver under their pen name, Kathryn Longino. It is in the genre of women’s historical fiction. Set in the late 1950s and spanning 14 years, it is a story of friendship, survival and determination during one of the most tumultuous times in American history.

She is currently working on a new supernatural thriller called, Chasing Time, which she hopes to have out sometime in 2014.