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The Same Side
BOOK 2 from
The University Park Series
By CM Doporto

Genre: New Adult Romance 18+ for adult situations and language
Page numbers: pages
Word Count: 81,370
Release Date: September 4, 2014


The engagement's off and with Collin behind her, Lexi has decided that the temptations of Raven Davenport are too strong to be ignored. It doesn’t take long for Lexi and Raven to find themselves wrapped in each other’s affection, but not without the challenges that life poses. But can she withstand the world he’s created or will the forces that are against them rip them apart? Love, faith, betrayal, and heartache ripple through their lives as they fight to be on the same side.

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Raven’s head tilted to the side and his eyes captured every part of me with finite detail. My breathing stilled and the incessant hunger that was building inside of me begged for release. I had fought the feeling for way too long and I refused to wait another second, minute, or day to experience what he had to offer.I wanted him to kiss me.
No. I needed him to kiss me.
Kiss me and take my lips captive.
My heart pumped faster, waiting anxiously as he moved closer to me.
A tender smile played on the edge of his lips. “Are you sure you want me to kiss you?”
I nodded, unable to speak as my eyes zeroed in on my target. His lips called to me, pulling me in until I breathed in all of his air.
His mouth pressed to mine and my eyes fluttered closed. He kissed me softly, touching my lips in a gentle motion. I melted when I felt the warmth of his hand caress the edge of my face. My lips parted and his tongue slid in effortlessly, causing every muscle in my body to relax. Our tongues swirled together and I devoured his sweet taste. The kiss was everything I’d ever dreamed of and more. Raven was a damn good kisser. If his lips could reduce me to a puddle of water, I could only imagine what the rest of his body could do to me.
He pulled away slowly. “Lexi?”
“Look at me.”
I didn’t want to let the feeling go and even though he had stopped kissing me, I was holding on to it for as long as I could. Slowly, I opened my eyes.
Holding my gaze, he said, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to kiss you.” He brushed his thumb across my lips and it took every bit of my strength to not barrel into him and beg that he take me.
I took a deep breath and counted backwards from five, pacing the beats of my heart. “I’ve been dreaming about you kissing me since the day I met you.”
For several seconds, we simply stared at each other. The hunger in his eyes knitted me tighter in his trap and I was truly helpless. If he was intuitive, I’m sure he knew what I wanted. And even though every hormone in my body screamed his name over and over, I refused to rush in to this. The last thing I wanted was to become another one of his hoes.

About the Author:

CM Doporto lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and son enjoying life with their extensive family along with their Chihuahua, Mexican Redhead Parrot and several fish. She writes Young Adult and New Adult stories about ordinary women who do extraordinary things, become a heroine, and find love along the way.

Twitter: @cm_doporto


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