Friday, 24 October 2014

Pretender Review

Pretender (Fall from Grace, #2)
Pretender by Aria Williams

The new doctor in town's identity has been unveiled and Nardia has gone running scared to the other man in her life, AJ.

With no other option left, they call in other angels to help figure out why this demon is harrassing Nardia.

Dr. Jefferies is making it his personal quest to torture Nardia, by inflicting a deadly illness onto someone very special in her life.

The relented doctor delivers Nardia an ultimatum. Save someone who is near to her heart now or risk the lives of hundreds of other people.

This time around some people are not who they seem. Can Nardia work her way through countless lies? Or will she become the real victim of deception and can she prove herself to be the true angel she is?

Lisa's Review - 4 out of 5 stars

After finishing Banished From Grace, I couldn't resist but to dive straight into the next book in the Fall From Grace series, Pretender. The very start of this book is why I knocked off the 5th star, I felt there were a couple of inconsistencies between some things mentioned at the start of book 2 and the end of book one which left me puzzled and going back between what I was now reading and the book before and it distracted me from the start of Pretender.
That said, once I got over them and the book moved along at a fast pace, I felt myself relaxing straight into that easy to read style of writing from Aria that I enjoyed so much.
Pretender quickly picks the story up from where Banished From Grace ended, and now we know exactly who, or what, Doctor Jefferies is, it is a battle for Nardia and the other angels to save themselves, Harry and Matilda, and Regan from the demons clutches.
I felt even more connected to the characters in this instalment, I found myself feeling more for Nardia, torn between the man she really loves, and caring for the man who is only sick with cancer because of her. I was willing the relationship between Nardia and AJ to work out, for them to be able to rescue the children, and then on top of that there are more characters that I want to see more of, I want to see the relationship between Nardia and her newly found brother develop, and the change in Nardia's daughter now that she has a new lease of life.

I managed to finish this book in just a few hours as I can't put them down until they are finished, and I am really looking forward to reading the next chapter in this series!



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