Wednesday 3 December 2014

Author Spotlight: Yolanda Olson

About The Author

Bestselling Indie Author. Alice in Wonderland Junkie. Horror Obsessed. Arsenic Laced. Welcome.

Yolanda Olson grew up in Bridgeport, CT and currently resides in Bloomington, IL. Through her love of writing, she has channeled the emotions of early life experiences into characters that are intriguing and powerful. Her vivid imagination and her love of video games and horror movies are evident in her writing style.

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Seven Paper Skies

Once upon a time ...

A little girl met a little boy and they became the best of friends. On her tenth year, her parents whisked her away without a word. Seven years later she found her way back to the one person that she knew would understand her.

But she came back with a tragic, dark secret and he's agreed to runaway with her. 

She has one more place to see to make seven skies that she's been under. She hopes she'll find a long life when she gets there, but she knows her time is running out. 
They'll take a cross country road trip to make her dream come true.
Two friends together again under seven paper skies.

21 Years of Jane

Paris, OH is a quiet town. Jane East thinks it's the perfect place, since she's been a loner most of her life. But when a new family moves near by and her parents insist she becomes friends with the new guy in town, things get turned upside down in ways she never thought possible.

Lucy, Fallen

Lucy was born not created. Now the very existence of humanity is resting on her. Having fallen from the Above on her own will, she seeks out those who would seek to destroy everything that was created. She lands in the Western Province and is taken to the Elder Devil there, Deveraux where she beseeches his help. Through a forbidden pact that will damn her for eternity, Lucy and Deveraux fight their way through the Above and Below to restore everything to what it always was. But can an angel and a devil really trust each other even when bound together by lust and determination?

Escaping Eden

Eden's an ordinary girl.

She works at the local video game store, lives in an apartment, and has been saving for her trip to Hawaii. She needs time to herself; to find the person she used to be. 

Her best friend, Liora, introduces her to Simon; a smart, sexy, (what some would consider) nerdy type, who's in America on a work visa from Australia. 

Eden's job? To help him stop being so shy and find a girl who can keep his attention. 

If it's true that opposites attract, what will happen when wild Eden and straight laced Simon form a friendship to help each other?

Betraying Haven

Haven Montrose is on a mission to find herself. A young woman in her early 20s she's only been with one man in her life, her husband Caleb. Finding him in bed with his ex-girlfriend on their one year anniversary, she's turned to ice and has secluded herself to her home. Now a widow, faced with running Beckett Industries and being a young millionaire, she has to balance the every day struggle of being the working CEO of her deceased husband's company and controlling her inner desire to destroy everything he's ever worked for.

Claiming Olivia

Olivia Kingsley feels lost. Her fianceƩ Mitchell seems to have lost interest in her. Sexually and emotionally. She is on her way to Spain to meet up with her best friend Cassidy for a chance to find herself again. She wants things to work with Mitchell but she finds herself with a strange attraction to the mysterious Alejandro Castillo. Fun loving and friendly, Alejandro is masking a painful past of his own and he will do anything to keep Olivia close to him for the rest of his life. What will happen when Olivia is faced with the choice of her staying with her fianceƩ, Mitchell and her new found attraction to Alejandro?

Save Riley

The first time is always the sweetest...

Riley is a daydreamer who works in a bookshop. She lives a lonely life and enjoys every moment of it. A chance encounter with a sexy, friendly foreigner leads to things she never thought were possible. 
Drugged, kidnapped, and taken back to his native country, she finds herself fighting for her life as he explores his most devious desires with her. The one he always wanted ... The one he has watched for so long ...

Meet Jaxton Whitlock; the sexually devious and insanely polite intellectual who finally has what he wanted.

Saving Marley

From bestselling author, Yolanda Olson, comes the tale of Marley. Based partly on a true story. 

Marley has never truly been happy. It started when she was seven and seemed to spiral when she turned thirty. For her birthday her best friend,
Amelia is taking her on the trip of her dreams. 
They're going to Athens, Greece. There Marley meets the handsome Gabrien Doxiadis and what ensues will ultimately break or save her

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