Thursday 15 January 2015

Review: Sweep; Volume 4 by Cate Tiernan

Sweep: Volume 4 (Sweep, #10-12)
Book 10 - Seeker
Book 11 - Origins
Book 12 - Eclipse

The fourth Sweep collection Morgan Rowlands had thought her foes were defeated, but demons from the past still haunt her and her beloved, Hunter. Their magick is strong, but the darkness that torments them threatens to overwhelm even their love. Yet there is another, whose magick could save, or could destroy. And caught in the middle of the darkness and light, Morgan realizes that only together can they face the danger that threatens to destroy not just her soul mate, but everything and everyone she loves. For the dark wave is coming . . . and it is unstoppable.

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

This collection of books mixes it up a little, previous books have all been from Morgans POV, with the added bonus of reading sections from other people's Book of Shadows. In Seeker we get the full book in Hunter's POV with the chance to sneak a peek into Morgans BOS, In Origins we get a full story from one of Morgans ancestors that adds so much depth to the continuing story throughout the series. And Eclipse switches between Morgans and Alisa's POV's between chapters to allow us the chance to see the story from different sides.

I have to admit, I did really enjoy reading Hunters POV, I feel like until now he's never given the chance to prove himself and so always comes across as standoffish. In this book we get to see the true depth of his feeling for not just Morgan, but also his parents. And while it shows off his weakness as much as it does his strengths it makes him a well rounded character and I find myself drawn to him more than I had previously.

Tiernans decision to explore Morgans ancestry some more was a great one. In Seeker we find out that Hunter has come across a book written by Rose McEwan, an ancestor of Morgans. In Origins Morgan and Hunter read that book. So what we are reading is essentially Rose's diary of events obviously told from her point of view. After hearing Rose's story, Morgan once again questions her powers and where they come from and which side of dark and light magick does she truly stand?

In Eclipse we get to learn a bit more about Alisa, who until now has mostly been hidden off to the side. In the past she has been both in awe and terrified of Magick, and in this book she finally comes to terms with the magick around her.... and learns about her own family history. It was actually really nice to see her realise that she has much more in common with Morgan than she had thought.

In honesty, I think Tiernan could have left Morgan's story right here... but I have to say I am grateful that there is still one more omnibus to come.

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