Thursday, 19 February 2015

Immortal Rapture Review

Immortal RaptureImmortal Rapture by Magen McMinimy

While the Fae warriors help theirpeople mourn the loss of Rowan, they struggle to survive the harsh, frozen lands they call home. The snow has blanketed the Middle World, leaving it a dormant wasteland. Still struggling from both the physical and emotional losses he’s suffered, Uriah, the solid, elite Light Fae warrior, has withdrawn from
his brothers as he searches for answers. Uriah must find his strength before the Dark strike again.
Jelena has spent the past ten months as a prisoner. Having given birth to Uriah’s baby in her brothers’domain, she knows the Underworld is no place to raise a child. Looking to Makyle for help, she may just give him what he needs to question all he has ever known.
Curses, secrets and the Dark Fae all loom in the fourth installment of the Immortal Heart Series. Follow your
favorite warriors as they fight to save what is left of their home, the people they love, and the new additions they never saw coming.
Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

The 4th book in the Immortal Heart series, and once again it doesnt disappoint! The more I read in this series the more I am falling in love with all of the characters. This book focuses on Uriah and Marie. I love Marie and she is the perfect match for Uriah and its great to see his happy and having a second chance of love after Jelena.

As well as Uriah and Marie we also see the usual characters we all love including Bain, Izzy, Kale and Kate etc. Who are all still recovering from the death of Rowan.

I cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment of the story. I read this part in 24 hours so cant see me being long reading the next if its as good as this.

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