Sunday 22 February 2015

Readers Reviews: Wild Child By Needa Warrant & Miranda Rights

In 1974 Bound for Hell is a dangerous and ruthless 1 percent Motorcycle Club. Central New Jersey Vice President, Veiko Finn, is one of the most feared bikers of them all. Built like a Viking warrior he is blond haired and all muscle. There is nothing he won't do for his club. He doesn't want an old lady.
Kima is a wild child and as temperamental as the horses she loves to ride. With a hint of the devil in her hazel eyes, this wild child is about to take the ride of her life. She can shoot a gun and will fight like a hellcat for those she loves.
So what happens when a biker warrior and a free spirit with the face of an angel literally collide on a roadside? It sets off an incredible love story that will affect the people around them forever. But their love puts Kima firmly in the sights of a sociopath and she will need to use all her skills to stay alive. Can their love for each other survive? This is their story written by first time authors who do live this lifestyle. Please note: This book contains violence, swearing, sexual content, drug use, and is recommended for readers 18 years of age and up. If the above offends you, please do not read this book.

Kathy Newtons's review 5 of 5 stars

I just finished this awesome MC book. It's one of those books that you can not put down. It's raw. It's hot. It's sad and it's happy. It will have you on the edge of seat, crying both happy and sad tears, and screaming at your Kindle. It's the most realistic and gripping MC Romance book I've ever read and I've read a lot from some of the greats... First time author Needa Warrant takes you on a journey you'll not soon forget...
Speaking of a first time author...REALLY? Excellent writing with very few editing issues and even those were very rare. I'm really blown away that this a first time author. I've seen some reviews. No, there wasn't too much word building, but honestly, if you're reading for a good concise story, who cares? I never, not once, had to back track to figure out what was happening because of confusing writing that frequently happens with experienced writers. The characters were well developed and made me feel real emotion. Are they all are likable? Nope, but the ones that aren't likable are not suppose to be and I would worry about you if you did like them.. LOL...No more details there because I never give spoilers... You'll have to one click and I recommend that you do just that. You can identify with the characters because they were real, or at least seemed like it. There were things about Kima and Jo that I related to. The plot is well developed and flowed effortlessly with no gaping holes or confusion. It flows TOO well because it doesn't give any "stopping places," making you want to just keep reading until it's over...

I am still in shock that I read a 500 page in less than 24 hours, stopping only to go to the grocery store because a winter storm was upon us. Now I'm in a book hangover and am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series... Hurry, please... Can't. Wait. Much. Longer.

There are so many things I loved about this book. As a very avid reader, I sometimes grow tired of the exaggeration of HEA that are in certain books that I know is not even close to real. It's fiction. It's an escape. I get it but I like it when there is some reality that gives a believable feel. You get that with this book. While the book is entertaining and gripping, it is believable and that causes those emotions I spoke of earlier to ignite. I avoid books with a sad, rip your heart out endings. I do prefers HEA, but with some topics a HFN is more believable and therefore acceptable. It was perfect for this book.

Still on the topic of reality, I would be remiss if I did not thank this author now for believable, albeit hot, sex scenes. Yep... I'm going there, briefly so as not to offend anyone because I want you to one click. This is the first book that no one tasted like honey or strawberries. No one saw stars, left the earth into another dimension or passed out fron sliding over the edge with pleasure. And...wait for it...swallowing wasn't the best thing ever for the women and there was one who hated it!! Imagine that!! Thank you Author Needa Warrant. You are the first to make these scenes REAL but keeping them hot, hot, hot! Bravo!!

Wrapping up, if you enjoy MC Romance books, you'll love love love this one. I'm a big fan of MS and JW and their very famous MC series' and I enjoyed this book as much as those books. I definitely recommend this book, the coming series and this author!!! One click now. I promise you will not regret it!!


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