Monday 23 March 2015

Curse Of Stigmata by Aiden James

Curse of Stigmata
In this second serving of The Judas Reflections, the immortal Judas Iscariot (known by his alias of Emmanuel Ortiz) is hot on the trail of two precious coins believed to be part of the bounty once paid to him for betraying Jesus Christ.
The coins are rumored to be in the possession of a Pyrenean mountain Shepherd, who’s beautiful, but disturbed daughter, Rachel is purported to be something even more rare than a Judas blood coin: a genuine stigmatic. It turns out to be a deadly combination for Emmanuel. With blood on his hands and a failed mission to retrieve what is rightfully his, finding his second coin becomes a race against time.
What once looked like a quick journey to hasten his soul’s redemption turns into a tense series of events. Traveling thousands of miles across the world’s grand open waters with fellow immortal, Juan Garcia de Moguer, the captivating Rachel, and a ruthless Dutch pirate/slave trader named Captain Dirk Chivers teaches Emmanuel an important lesson about himself.

Clare's Review 5/5 Stars

After reading the first in this series I was so excited for the second book and I am very pleased to say I wasn't disappointed! I feel like we get to see a little more of Judas's personality in this story and perhaps understand more the fight he is having to go through. i enjoyed reading this book so much I couldn't put it down for a minute, the story was very intense and well written. This story can be read as a standalone novel or as a series although I would recommend starting with book 1 as it is a brilliant set!! Another wonderfully well written story by two very talented authors!!

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