Thursday 5 March 2015

Immortal Rising Review

Immortal Rising: Immortal HeartImmortal Rising: Immortal Heart by Magen McMinimy

When the Fates meddle, everything changes… All the things the warriors had come to accept, what they thought they knew, will be tested.
Death and loss have formed the man that Cree has become. One wrong move—one misstep in battle—and the love that once heated his soul was taken from him. While trying to find solace in his remaining family, he is haunted by dreams of a future he can’t reconcile. Awoken from one of those dreams, Cree finds himself wandering the Light Fae castle, when a familiar form appears in the silent halls of his home—nothing will ever be the same.Confused, with no memory of herself or her life before the time she spent in the Immortal Three’s domain, Rowan is back among her people and struggling to unlock the memories that are just beyond her reach.
Pain and joy battle within the walls of the warriors home as they try to jog Rowan’s memory, while keeping her return a secret from everyone outside their inner circle. Meanwhile, Esperanza, now queen of the Dark Fae, schemes to take down the Fae she once called family with a secret weapon of her own.
Come get lost in love, longing, betrayal and passion in the final installment of the Immortal Heart series.

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

Someone please shake me and wake me up and tell me this isn't the end of this series? after reading the entire series back to back, I have a severe book hangover and I'm wondering how long it will take me to get over it!

Rising sees the return of Rowan, but with her memories gone and follows the path of her trying to remember, as well as the climax to the series with the show down with Esperanza and Darion.

This was a perfect ending to a great series, and I loved it! but at the same time it makes me sad to think there wont be anymore :(

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