Friday, 10 April 2015

Review: Ascension by RM Gilmore

Ascension (Lynnie Russell Trilogy # 3)Trying to put Havana, Arkansas behind her, Lynnie is becoming a woman and learning to be the beast that dwells inside her. When old friends come back she must decide where she belongs in the world and learns letting go is harder than it seems.

With Puck as her ally, Lynnie braves the world and becomes what she was always intended to be; vengeance. Yearning for acceptance she does the unthinkable and travels farther than she ever imagined and into dangers she never expected.

In the final piece to her story, Lynnie learns just what it means to be Cu Sidhe.

Shona's review 4 of 5 stars

From the moment I first 'met' Lynnie in Becoming I knew I was going to enjoy her story. There was just something about her that grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. It seems so long ago now since I first came across her story, and my interest in her story hasn't waned. 

In many ways Lynnie is still the girl we met in Becoming, but she has changed so much and not just because she is Cu Sidhe... She has accepted that side of her, and has found a way for both parts of who she is to coexist. This part of Lynnie's story follows her as she comes to terms with who she is, what she has done and what she still needs to do. And Gilmore has done a fabulous job of portraying that.

Claire's review 4 of 5 Stars

I must admit I'm quite sad to see the end of this trilogy and to see what fate has in store for Lynnie.

Just like the previous 2 installments, this is full of emotion as you see how much Lynnie has grown and accepted her fate, yet there is always a small part of her that is still the young girl we met in Becoming, before she became Cu Sidhe.

This will definitely be a trilogy I will pick up again in the future.

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