Saturday, 15 August 2015

Cora A Murray Spotlight

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Criminal Justice student Zoey York is excited and nervous to start the first of her night classes. After learning the dark, sexy stranger who taps on her car window is none other than her Intro to Criminology professor, Aiden Dark, she tries to fight the instant attraction she feels for him. 
Aiden Dark has a secret and after meeting Zoey he is finding it harder and harder to control the raging beast within him. After she turns down his coffee invitation he does his best to remain indifferent to her. 
Despite all of their attempts at avoiding one another a turn of events pushes them together. 
Can Aiden tell Zoey what lies just beneath the surface or will he lose her forever if he does?

Mason Dark has always been different. Unlike his brothers, his animal wasn't black or a cat. He'd always felt left out, felt like he was the outcast of The Whittier pack. Mason has always craved that deep connection of family and wanted one of his own. Would he ever have that or would he always be the outcast?
In walked Presleigh Merchant, rich spoiled and highly unruly, her scent wouldn't leave Mason alone, it curled into his senses making him finally think he'd found home.
Is Presleigh the key to his happiest or is she what finally breaks him for good? Find out in The Dark Omega.
#Over18Only #explicitSexualscenes

Coming at the end of Aug. 
Brody Dark, the consummate ladies man. Between his charm, smile and job as pack delta, he is almost irresistible to the females in and out of the pack. He's content with the life he leads and is comfortable with his role as pack Delta. When an unexpected female shows up in his kitchen his entire world is flipped upside down. When Aiden reveals what she truly is, Brody's world shifts again. Kennedy had a job to do; spy on the Witter Pack, specifically their Alpha and Delta. What she doesn't expect is the immediate attraction and irresistible draw she feels toward Brody, the dark delta. Once Brody finds out what Kennedy truly is will they have a chance at love and happiness or will Brody turn his back on what fate and destiny has put into his path?