Tuesday 18 August 2015

Review: Turning Tides by Ruby McNally

Turning TidesTurning Tides by Ruby McNally
Cars aren’t the only things he can hot-wire.

Fresh off an eighteen-month stint for grand theft auto, Joel Graziano heads for sleepy Montauk with nothing to his name but an ancient Buick and the keys to his grandmother’s rundown beach cottage.

He fully intends to serve out his parole fixing boats, keeping his nose clean, and minding his own damned business. Unfortunately, the locals immediately peg him as an interloper, and the keenest stare belongs to his sexy neighbor.

Charlotte “Charlie” Sanger is curious about the man with the double sleeve tattoos, but she’s got problems of her own. Her mother’s death left Charlie in charge of her father and teenage sister. The result? Joy’s pregnant and Dad isn’t speaking to either of them.

Soon Charlie is sneaking next door to lose herself in mind-blowing sex. It’s supposed to be just a temporary neighbors-with-benefits arrangement, but Joel finds Charlie and her quirky gaggle of family and friends growing on him. And he dares to hope that Charlie could be a safe place to hang his heart.

Kerry's review 3 of 5 stars

I was a little disappointed with this book. After reading the synopsis I thought this book would be a must read for me. The characters didn't seem to actually want to be together. The way Charlie was with Joel really annoyed me there is only so much back and forth I can take and she took it too far. I did really like Joy and felt for her being pregnant at that age and her father throwing her out was heartbreaking, I'm glad they managed to sort things out.
The book also ended quite suddenly for me I would have liked to know if they stayed together and moved to the city and if Joel stayed away from a life of crime.
The story was really thought out it had the potential to be an amazing story I just think the characters weren't right for each other.

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