Friday 25 September 2015

Review: One Fine Day by Teresa F Morgan

One Fine DayJust a boy standing in front of a girl… Steve Mason returns from Hollywood after 15 years to catch up with his sister, Ruby. He’s miserable because the woman he was planning on marrying has dumped him.
He’s now worried that with his A-list celebrity status he won’t find a woman who genuinely loves him. Ruby devises a plan to disguise Steve, so that he is unrecognisable as the famous Hollywood actor, in a hope to help him find true love. It worked for Clark Kent, right?
As Steve searches for his not-so-perfect woman and has a taste of normality, his relationship develops with his sister. But will he find the right woman before he has to head back to his real life in Hollywood?

Shona's review 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book by Morgan that I've read so I had no idea of what to expect, what I got was a enjoyable read that kept me turning the pages until I had devoured the entire book.

The majority of the books I read all seem to have a female as the main character (it's not deliberate on my part, it just seems to happen), so it was rather nice to have a guy as the main... although we do get a little bit from the perspectives of a couple of the females in the book. 

For the most part I liked Steve but occasionally he got on my nerves.
He gets a job at his sisters hotel so he can make friends and find the woman for him, but he literally stays home and plays Xbox with his new friends and only attempts to broaden his social circle once. Then gets too drunk to even attempt anything meaningful.
He kept going on about spending more time with his sister and getting to know her, but other than a few scenes he didn't really seem to spend that much time actually getting to know her.
And I understand his need for a secret identity but why not just use his real name? Then when people ask if he is Steve Mason he could laugh it off and say if I was do you not think I'd have changed my name??

I did find the book a little predictable, it was plain too see who Steve was going to end up with. And it was also seemed to me to be obvious that when the truth came out things weren't going to be plain sailing. That said, it didn't spoil the enjoyment of the book. 
This was a sweet romance and although Steve had a time frame in mind for meeting someone, it was a naturally slow building romance, with many funny moments involved.

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