Saturday, 26 September 2015

Winter Travers Author Spotlight

About The Author

Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt, turned author. With stories constantly flowing around her, Loving Lo was the one story that had to get out (new ones are knocking on the door daily now).

Winter loves to bake and cook when she isn't at work, zipping around on her forklift. She also has an addiction to anything MC related, her dog, Thunder, and Mexican food (Tamales!)

Winter has seven total books planned for The Devil's Knights series. Loving Lo, the first in the series, released May 1st. Finding Cyn, the second in the series, will be available August 1st, with a novella to be released shortly after Finding Cyn.

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 Loving Lo (Devil's Knights #1)

Finding love again was never in Meg's plans. One eventful morning at the dollar store changes her life forever. Can she let Lo in her life without losing herself again? Or will she walk away from the one true thing that could make her happy?

 Finding Cyn (Devil's Knights #2)

Beaten and broken down by the man who was suppose to be her happy ending, Cyn’s lost and alone, with no happy ending in sight.
Can Rigid break through Cyn’s walls, showing her she is more than her shattered past, or will her demons consume her before Rigid can find her?

Due to sexual content and profanity, this book is recommended for ages 18+.

Gravel's Road (Devil's Knights, #3)

Ethel had her happily ever after. It may have ended too soon, but it was more than some people got. After Gravel gets hurt, it's Ethel to the rescue, nursing him back to health, and unearthing feelings she had tried to hide for so long.
Gravel doesn't want to settle down. He's lived his life his way for the past forty years, why mess with something that isn't broke? Except Ethel manages to sneak her way in, making Gravel second guess his plan, wondering if maybe there has been something missing all along.