Friday 2 October 2015

Shifted Anthology Tour

~10 of Today's Hottest Authors Tell You 10 Shifted Stories~
J.L. McCoy - Brandy L. Rivers - Morgan Jane Mitchell - Emily Walker - Katie Salidas - 
V. Cantrell - Alexia Purdy - Magen McMinimy - J. Rose Alexander - Dicey Grenor

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Blood Moon (SMVS, #5.5) by J.L. McCoy
Numb…I was numb. I didn’t know where I was being taken, but I didn’t much care at the moment. I was far away from the horrors the last five days had afforded me and anything was better than that…than them. Bruised, bloodied, beat to shit, and my soul utterly crushed, I walked away from that middle-of-nowhere airstrip in Podunk Purgatory a complete shell of the person I once was. I had experienced hell on earth and was shocked I’d lived through it. The things those monsters did to me…well, I was sure I’d have nightmares about my first night in captivity for the rest of my life. Certain experiences can change a person and I knew without a doubt that I would never be the same again. You could only take so much away from a person before there wasn’t anything worthwhile left.
This amazing anthology includes:

Blood Moon (SMVS, #5.5) by J.L. McCoy

Pretty Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas
Wolf's Fire by Dicey Grenor
Primal Hunger by Magen McMinimy
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Moonlight Calling by J. Rose Alexander 
In Too Deep by Brandy L Rivers 
The Shift by Emily Walker
More Than Survival by V. Cantrell 
Ardent (The ArcKnight Chronicles) by Alexia Purdy 
Twice Bitten by Morgan Jane Mitchell 

As a fan of anything paranormal, I enjoyed the werewolf aspects of these different stories. Some of these are standalone stories, while others are the beginning of a series, this is both a good and bad thing, there were a couple that I enjoyed so much I had to go and buy the next one to keep reading!! Each story is well written with good plot lines and interesting characters. There are also some good romance and sexy storylines, so if your a fan of this then these books will suit well. Whilst I enjoyed the general anthology I did feel like 10 books maybe too many in one set and I took longer to read that I might do normally, this doesn't affect the overall stories though and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some hot werewolf stories.

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  1. Thanks for sharing info about our anthology.
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