Monday, 30 November 2015

Review: November Lake book 1 by Jamie Drew

November Lake: Teenage Detective (The November Lake Mysteries) Book 1
When 18-year-old police recruit, November Lake, joins training college, her curiosity and desire to solve mysteries soon has her investigating a series of creepy and chilling crimes.
With the help of her friend and colleague, Kale Creed, November is soon caught up in a dark world of strange and inexplicable mysteries, each with a deadly twist.
Three novella length mysteries in one book:
The Dead Girl In The Room
The Kidnapping at Blackwater Farm
The Menacing Stranger

Shona's review 3 of 5 stars

November Lake book 1 is a collection of 3 novella length stories, that take place over the course of a week, with each story taking place just a few days after each other.

The three novellas are connected by the main Characters, November and Kale, who are young police recruits. And each of the stories is its own self contained whodunnit.

The stories are entertaining enough but the time frame feels a little unrealistic. What are the chances that 2 young recruits would find themselves caught up in the middle of 3 crimes in the space of a week... especially when they aren't 'on the job'

It wont stop me reading November Lake book 2 though.

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