Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Review: N-Day by DT Dyllin

N-Day (M-Day #3)
Isabelle Jenkins has always been a sucker for romance…in love with love. Despite the advent of M-Day, she found her place beside Brandon, a scientist looking for a cure to the virus that causes I-Men. When Brandon is ripped away from her, Izzy is forced to face the reality that maybe she’s been living her life in a bubble of denial.
After her loss, Izzy decides that it’s time for a brand new life. No longer will she be stupid and weak… No longer will the belief in love weaken her. But her new life brings an uninfected man who has different plans for her. Will Ty be able to break past the walls Izzy has erected? Or will Izzy decide taking a second chance at love isn’t worth the risk of losing it again?

Claire's Review 5 of 5 Stars

I swear this series just keeps getting better and better. This installment is based on Izzy and the aftermath of losing her love Brandon at the end of E Day. After feeling she has nothing left to live for she decides not to be the weak one as she is seen and to through herself head first into danger and try and be more like Evo, she even decides to change her name to Nyx to accompany the new her. Izzy swears she will never love again, and thats until she meets Ty and the sparks begin to fly!

I really enjoyed this installment and loves seeing things through Izzy's eyes, she is a great character who is a lot stronger than she believes. I'm so glad she found Ty and despite everything they go through in the book, that she manages to find in a sense her happily ever after, if you can ever have one in the way the world is.

Bring on the next installment, I cannot wait!