Thursday, 21 January 2016

Review: Outsider by Becca J Campbell

Outsider (Flawed, #2)
After a psychopath tried to kill his friends, Josh Schuyler figured 'normal' was far off. The real problem: Josh's friends have all acquired supernatural abilities, while he's still the same average guy.
Josh has always believed he was destined for greatness, but he's been out of college for two years without a clue of his purpose. After watching his friends and siblings develop superhuman traits, he wonders if he might be meant for something grand, too. Can Josh even hope for an extraordinary event in his own future? And how long must he wait for this transformation - if there is one?
When Alex met the Schuylers, she was grateful for new friends to whisk her away from her lonely life in California and give her an escape from her divorced, bickering parents and aimless future. But Josh won't drop his defenses, and Alex isn't sure she wants to trade her old life for this new, uncertain one.
Nicodemus has an amazing ability he's been milking for years to get whatever or whomever he wants. Things are going great until a young woman - Alex - inadvertently busts his latest swindle. Nic is furious when he discovers his power has been disabled, and he vows to find her in order to wreak his vengeance. She will be punished. All he needs is a little help from his friend, Ethan Black.
Josh has been waiting for his big break, or for the chance to be a hero, or just the opportunity to stand out in his own, extraordinary way.
Will Josh discover his purpose in time to stop Nic?

Shona's review 4 of 5 stars

It's been a while since I read Empath, so it took me a little while to get up to speed with who people were but it didn't take long for me to get caught up.
I loved the relationship between Alex and Josh, the way they both slowly realised they had growing feelings for each other, yet their self esteem issues mean that neither of them acted on those feelings. 

The villain of the story Nic, for the most part was a petulant child prone to throwing tantrums when he didn't get his own way or when he felt slighted by others. I cant say I particularly liked him, but then we're not supposed to. 

This book kept me gripped, so much so that when I had to put this book down to sleep I actually dreamt about the story. Whilst the book has a resolution of sorts, the 'story' itself doesn't actually end with Outsider and instead continues through into the next book in the series Protector. Which I cant wait to sink my teeth into.

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