Friday 29 January 2016

Review: Violently Undone by Christine Winston

In one moment, everything can change.
For Joanna Carmody, everything is falling into place. She is in a good relationship and her career couldn’t be better. Michael and Bree are finally home from their vacation. The only thorn in her side is Agent Davis and unfortunately, there is no getting rid of him. Unable to forgive him for rejecting her and secretly seething about it, she puts on a brave face in his company. It doesn’t help that he goes out of his way to infuriate and challenge her constantly. Thus, igniting not only her competitive streak, but also a desire for him that she would rather keep buried. Resisting him, is becoming almost impossible.
If he could describe her in one word, it would be stubborn or sexy or exasperating or beautiful. Actually, he finds her too annoying to label. She confuses him; a woman like Joanna should come with a ‘proceed with caution’ sign. It was just one kiss and months later, she is still under his skin, heating his blood in more ways than one. Agent Davis has fought this insane attraction, keeping a safe distance from the only woman he has ever denied himself. Thanks to Bree, he now has to see her almost every day and his self-control begins to slip.
One night, one event, one moment, was all it took to destroy her. Joanna will never be the same again after her violent assault. She can’t face seeing the pity in Davis’s eyes when he looks at her now and despite his need to be there for her, she pushes him away. Both of them have dedicated their lives to capturing the bad guy, neither of them ever expected to be caught up in that world. Undone by this traumatic event, they must face the future together and either pick up the pieces, or walk away from each other, for good.

Ikira's Review - 5 out of 5 stars

I totally LOVED reading the second installment in the lives of Bree, Michael, Davis and of course, Joanna. After reading the debut book, I wondered if the sequel would be able to live up to the debut. Often, a sequel will not be able to match up to the original and I worried this could be the case but still jumped at the opportunity to read this book.

Relationships never run smoothly and this group of friends have had their share of hiccups in book'd hope there would be nothing left to write about - lightening never strikes twice, right?! Wrong, of course it does and that's true in real life as much as in fiction so it goes without saying, this group is about to be pulled apart and thrown into a nightmare in the second book.

What is refreshing is that the author manages to throw a whole new heap of problems at the group without repetition but whilst still linking in to the previous books experiences. Bravo Ms Winston!

Bree and Michael have already had their limelight in book 1 so they don't over-feature in this one but there are enough references, glimpses and moments together to remind us of why they are there, how the bond of friendship was formed and why this unlikely group all get on so well. Joanna and Davis were definitely meant to be together and it was frustrating waiting for it to finally happen, then even moreso when that failed but with good cause.

The intricacies of the story, how everything intertwines is so well thought out and put forward, there are no 'continuity errors' or anything of the sort - nothing is glaringly obvious until it is meant to be and the characters remain believable and true to their original character.

Looking forward to the next one...please?!

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