Thursday 25 February 2016

Missing, Presumed Review

Edith Hind, the beautiful, earnest Cambridge post-grad living on the outskirts of the city has left nothing behind but a streak of blood and her coat hanging up for her boyfriend, Will, to find. The news spreads fast: to her parents, prestigious doctor Sir Ian and Lady Hind, and straight on to the police. And then the hours start to dissolve and reality sets in.

Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw soothes her insomnia with the din of the police radio she keeps by her bed. After another bad date, it takes the crackling voices to lull her to sleep. But one night she hears something. Something deserving of her attention. A girl is missing. For Manon the hunt for Edith Hind might be the career-defining case she has been waiting for. For the family this is the beginning of their nightmare.

As Manon sinks her teeth into the investigation and lines up those closest to Edith she starts to feel out the kinks in their stories and catch the eyes that won’t meet hers. But when disturbing facts come to light, the stakes jolt up and Manon has to manage the wave of terror that erupts from the family.

A stunning literary thriller that shows the emotional fallout from the anxious search for a young woman and lets you inside the mind of the detective hell-bent on finding her.

Claire's Review 4 of 5 Stars

This book is about the disappearance of Edith Hind, a post grad student who disappears with nothing left but a streak of blood and her coat found by her boyfriend.

This story really drew me into the disappearance of Edith, and constantly trying to figure out/guess the outcome. DS Manon Bradshaw is a fantastic character, and you get to see into her life outside of the case, i.e internet dating, that makes her even more likable! There is even mentions of the Soham murders, which I remember very well, which helps the novel to feel more real.

I enjoyed this book! It was very well written, although I found it slow going in places, and over descriptive, but that didnt stop my enjoyment and I absolutely loved the twist at the end!

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