Friday, 12 February 2016

Review: Shadowshift by Peter Giglio

Chet is a shape-shifter who uses his abilities to burglarize homes…
Hannah is a young girl with strange influences over inanimate objects…
Father and daughter, these supernatural misfits are bound by blood, their unfolding stories separated by time. While Chet follows a grim path, Hannah stands on the fragile precipice of hope: her mother’s faltering happiness with a kind man…the chance at a new family and a stable household…and the promise of freedom from the shadows cast by her father’s misdeeds.
But past and present are ready to collide, ushering hell home.

Clare's review 5 of 5 stars

I decided to read this book based on good things I had heard about Peter Giglio previously. I am so glad I did and I definitely wasn't disappointed!

Chet can shapeshift and Hannah can manipulate things with her mind, this alone gives the story a good starting point and it almost felt like two books in one. I found both characters to be equally interesting although completely different, Chet is a criminal with a dark past and Hannah is just a young girl who wants to be normal whilst Chet wants to manipulate her for his own greed and selfishness.

This story is dark, intense and gripping and will keep readers drawn in right until the end! Peter tells the two stories as one and has a wonderful knack for keeping the plot and characters flowing effortlessly throughout the story.

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