Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Review: The Book on Love by SK Avery

Catherine is a bright, independent woman who doubts she'll ever find a man to live up to the romantic heroes in the books she loves. One day she meets Jonathan, a handsome artist who introduces her to a whole new world of romance that she couldn't believe she'd ever experience.
But Catherine and Jonathan both struggle with past heartbreaks--will they be able to overcome their respective fears in order to be happy together?

Clare's Review 3 of 5 stars

I liked the blurb for this book, I don't always like romance novels but this one felt like it might be a good read. The story started off well as we follow Catherine, a single, lonely 40 something who accidentally falls for Jonathon after a chance meeting.
From here, the story takes a few turns, and Jonathon starts to be something of a pig, and this made it difficult to connect with him. At the same time I felt sorry for Catherine who I really felt had met the worse kind of guy to fall in love with. 
For me, the downfall of this story was the characters and their interactions, I felt that they could have shown more emotion with each other in order for the story to feel more realistic. There were also quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes. The ending worked well though and has left room for a sequel.
 I feel  that with some proof reading and some more depth to the characters this story would improve a great deal.

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