Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Review: Tyed by LJ Shen

Rock bottom has built way more champions than privilege has.
Blaire, an underachieving college student with zero prospects and a ton of issues (hey, being the less-successful twin of a gorgeous supermodel would totally do that to you) needs something from Ty.
Mixed Martial artist Ty, a soon-to-be Welterweight champion of the Xtreme Warrior League and the hottest guy in the Bay Area, wants something from Blaire.
But Ty has a secret.
And Blaire can barely even handle his truths.
Life is about to throw a few knockout punches at both of them. Can they handle the pain?

Tyed is a standalone novel.

Kerry's Review 4 out of 5 stars

From page one I loved Blaire! She was kick ass, I really liked that she was a down to earth 23 year old, lately it all seems to be rich kids with too much time on their hands. I devoured this book I couldn't put it down, the MMA aspect was a boost as I know enough about it with having an MMA mad boyfriend. Blaire and Ty are so unalike I think that's why I liked them as a couple the banter they have leading up to the start of their relationship made me laugh out loud. 
When they were apart I wanted to scream for how childish I thought Blaire was being, All the stuff with Ty happened before he was with her so I didn't see the big problem with it, I also think they needed the time apart for Blaire to realise she needed him so it worked out. I don't like spoilers in reviews so I can't say much about the story line apart from this was an amazing first book for this author and I can't wait for the second one!