Monday 23 May 2016

The Beauty of Grace by Nicole Richard

The Beauty of Grace
At age eighteen, Grace Bowman's life crumbled right in front of her. The man who held her heart—her forever—was gone, and her family ties were in tatters. As a result, she forged a steel wall round her heart and vowed never to let anyone get close again.

Now, six years later, she has been given a chance to start fresh in Savannah, Georgia. A chance to leave the struggle of day-to-day life behind, find a career, and give Drew, her five year old son, a shot at normal.
A balloon and a flat tire had her crossing paths with AJ Watson, and she realized normal probably wasn’t in her cards.

AJ was handsome, thoughtful, and fiercely loyal to his family. Yet, behind his baby-blue eyes and Southern boy charm, he was just as broken as she was. She told herself to stay away from him, and she tried, but the lines between friendship and lover are blurred.

When Grace realizes history may be repeating itself, will she be able to let go of the past, or will she walk away from her future?

Kerry's 2 of 5 star review.

Oh me where to start with this book...When reading the blurb it seemed like a book I could sail through no problem. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and it was a DNF for me, I liked all the characters but I just couldn't get on board with Grace and AJ as a couple when it does finally happen.
They didn't have any chemistry in my opinion and would have been better staying friends. I really liked the relationship Grace had with Drew but sometimes I felt he was portrayed more as a toddler than a 5 year old boy, the way she spoke to him sometimes and the way he was always waiting for permission to do things on his own. We were getting both POV it really annoys me when it's just one main character and for days the love interest is missing when they do show back up a couple of lines of an explanation isn't enough for me so it was good to see what both of them were up to.
All in all I am gutted I couldn't finish this book but there is only so much of the niceness I could deal with Grace needed to toughen up and in my opinion not be such a pushover.
The reason I have gave this book a star rating even though I didn't finished it was because of the story line. Without going into it to much and basically revealing the story I liked that Grace didn't have it easy, that's all I have read lately dreams coming true and everyone having an easy life. She had to fight to give her son what they have getting a job and not relying on the rich boyfriend or family for too much.

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