Monday, 9 May 2016

The Quarter Change review

The-Quar-ter- Change:
/T͟Hē, ˈkwôrdər, CHānj/
A drastic personality change brought on by a person’s upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and the realization that they have been EXISTING for a quarter of a century but not LIVING.
Kimbella Tyler is done floating through life…
She’s turning twenty-five in a few weeks, and even though she’s in the prime of her life, living by the motto “Keep head down or in a book” hasn’t exactly been fun. Sick of hanging in the background of life, Kimbella embarks on a mission to leave her introverted ways in the past and live by a new motto—“Liquor. Lust. Living.”. The first step in her mission is to change her surroundings. Armed with her “Quarter List” full of fun local attractions and wild, adventurous things that she was always too introverted to do, Kimbella heads to California for two weeks of no holds barred fun.

An unlisted attraction…
Kimbella’s carefully laid plans are interrupted when she meets the crazy sexy Dr. Roman Tanzman and he attaches himself to her at the hip. Rolling with the punches for once in her life, Kimbella takes Roman along as she goes on the adventure of a lifetime—well the adventure of a quarter of a lifetime.
Liquor. Lust. Love…?
Kimbella's new life is one she’s always dreamed about; filled with hot nights with Roman, endless fancy dinners and dancing and no shortage of liquor. But with Kimbella pretending to be a bold, outgoing and sexually forward woman, and Roman pretending to be a carefree guy who isn’t going through the most trying time of his life, their facades have the potential to be their very undoing. Liquor and lust were part of the plan—love certainly wasn’t.

Claires review 3 of 5 Stars

I had high hopes for this book after reading the blurb, however, I really struggled to embrace the story from the start.

Although I could identify in a way to Kimbella, I just found her as a character very hard to warm to, and her name I found a struggle to read and found myself shortening it to Kim in my head instead. 

I loved the interaction between Roman and Kimbella during the airport and the flight, but the fact that she jumped straight into bed with him (and at her mother's house at that) grated on me a lot. She just didn't seem that type of person. I found myself at times wishing Kimbella would grow up as I found her actions very immature.

The story is well written and has lots of potential, and I am sure many people would find this a great, easy summer read, which it is! I really wanted to love this book, I really did but I just couldn't. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, but I think it just hasnt reached its full potential.