Thursday, 23 June 2016

Review: After She Fell by Mary-Jane Riley

After She Fell
There are so many ways to fall…
Catriona needs help. Her seventeen-year-old daughter Elena was found dead at the bottom of a cliff near her boarding school. The death has been ruled a suicide, but Catriona isn’t convinced.
When her old friend, journalist Alex Devlin, arrives in Hallow’s Edge to investigate, she quickly finds that life at private boarding school The Drift isn’t as idyllic as the bucolic setting might suggest.
Amidst a culture of drug-taking, bullying and tension between school and village, no one is quite who they seem to be, and there are several people who might have wanted Elena to fall…

Claire's review 5 of 5 Stars

After reading The Bad Things by Mary-Jane Riley, I knew I needed to get my hands on this one!

The story is about the apparent suicide of Elena, a student at a boarding school who was found at the bottom of a cliff. Her mother Catriana refuses to believe that her daughter would commit suicide and asks for the help of investigative journalist Alex Devlin, who many will remember from The Bad Things.
I really enjoyed this story, It was fantastically written, with well-developed characters and settings. I did find the story predictable at times but it didn't spoil the enjoyment of the story.

I look forward to reading more from Mary-Jane Riley in the future,

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