Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Review: Pointe of Breaking by Amy Daws and Sarah J. Pepper

Pointe of Breaking
When Ivy League & Tutus Collide
A collaboration by Amy Daws & Sarah J. Pepper

Getting screwed over backstage by my married-ex tears my heart into a million tiny pieces.
[Sitting in the audience at the ballet with my former fling wasn’t my idea of fun.]
I live in my pointe shoes, not even my ex can taint my love for ballet.
[I hate the ballet. This on again/off again crap was getting old.]
And then my whole world changes when I notice the smoldering gaze…
[Then I look to the stage, and I can’t take my eyes off…]
Leo Richards.
[Adeline Parker.]
Concentrating on anything except his sexy…everything, is impossible.
[Her presence commands my attention…I’ve never experienced this before.]
He makes me second-guess everything I’ve ever dreamed about.
[She makes me question everything I’ve ever known.]
Fighting him is a strategic sport—no clothes allowed.
[All I can think about are her sexy ballerina legs wrapped around me—tutu definitely on.]
Our scandalous rendezvous is plastered all over NYC’s tabloids.
[Because of my status in Manhattan, now I’ve dragged her into the limelight.]

My ex will stop at nothing to tear us apart.
[Seriously powerful people forbid me to be with her.]
Rumors about his past keep building.
[I can’t tell her this secret.]
When it came to Leo, I only knew the big things.
[When it came to Adeline, I knew nothing about the little things.]
But uncovering those things about him [her] may push us past our breaking point.

Claire's review 5 of 5 Stars

This story is about ballet dancer Adeline and her struggles with her professional ballet life as well as her personal life.

After almost losing her ballet career thanks to some bad choices involving her ex-fiance Blake, and almost hitting rock bottom, she finds herself falling for luscious Leo!

The romance between Adeline and Leo is not an easy one, however, the chemistry between them is explosive and you can't help but find yourself willing them to get a happy ending, despite all the issues they had to face.

I would love to see a follow-up to this book, as I feel there were a few questions left unanswered and I would love to see what happened to the gold, and how things worked out between Adeline and Leo.

This book is a definite must-read!

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