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The Girl Who Lied

The Girl Who Lied
The Girl Who Lied by Sue Fortin


The truth hurts…

Erin and Roisin were once friends until a fatal accident ruined both their lives. Now, Roisin has discovered a secret—one Erin has kept for over a decade—and she’s determined to make Erin pay for her lies.

Erin wants nothing to do with Roisin. She has a new life in London and no intention of going back home. Yet when her father is mysteriously and critically injured, Erin has no choice but to return and face Roisin—and her past. Erin knows if the secret of what she gave up got out, the consequences could be devastating.

When Roisin suddenly disappears, suspicion soon lands on Erin. She would do anything to protect her family, but just how far is she willing to go when time is running out…?

When a book is capable of keeping you wide awake at night as you are unable to put it down, even though you have a new born baby and sleep is something you take every opportunity to get whenever you can, you know its good!

Erin heads back to her town in Ireland after her father has an accident that has left him in a coma. She goes back to help her mother keep the family business going, but that's all. Erin has a broken relationship with not only her father, but pretty much the whole of her home town. Once back, she has to face a lot, including Roisin, someone Erin wants nothing to do with. But Roisin thinks she knows Erins secrets, and is hell bent on making them public.

I loved The Girl Who Lied. Sue Fortin has created an array of amazing characters, from relatable and likeable, to suspicious, and the ones you want to dislike but know there is more to their story. I fund Erin quite a cold character to start with and worried I wouldn't enjoy the book as I didn't like the main character. But as the book went on and we were given snippets into her past, and as her secrets were unravelled, I really grew to love her and wanted nothing more for her to get her happy ending.
There were so many twists and turns, shocks and surprises throughout the whole book, it kept me turning the page constantly instead of being able to put it down! Fortin does a really good job of keeping the secrets and surprises coming, just when you think that's it and there isn't anything else to reveal, wham! Along comes something else that rocks the boat.

The Girl Who Lied is a winner, a fantastic read that I didn't want to end.


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