Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Review: Pressing Adalyn by Jen Hype

To say I’m lacking a life plan would be a gross understatement. Yeah, I ‘survived’ something horrific and still managed to graduate college, but it did me little good. Here I am three years later with no life plan, no money and no goals, moving to a big city to live with my best friend in hopes of putting my self-destructive behavior behind me and getting my life back on track.Stacy and I met in college. She’s the quintessential good-time girl, which means she just barely has her crap together herself. If I manage to survive living with her without getting arrested or seriously embarrassing myself, then I’ll consider that a step in the right direction.
No steps in any direction have even been made before Ian enters the picture, throwing me even further off course with all his sexy charm and annoying persistence. I’ve never had a guy so incapable of taking a hint. I don’t care if he’s Stacy’s best friend and one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. Doesn’t make a difference to me that he’s a walking contradiction; his gorgeous face and unrelenting kindness won’t do him any good when it comes to me.
Even if I wanted Ian - which I don’t - I’m nowhere near ready for a serious relationship, and I swore off casual sex when I moved in with Stacy. So no matter how deliciously tempting he is, I’m not going to give in to Ian.
Really I’m not.

Due to the use of strong language and explicit adult situation, it is recommended readers be 18 or older before reading this book.

Ikira's Review - 5 of stars

Oh my goodness, I love this book!

I immediately loved the characters of Adalyn and Stacy - their first interaction was pretty memorable and set the standard for a beautiful friendship between the two.
Fast forward a few years and Stacy has her own place, a job and a fairly well set life. Adalyn; well....she has no money, no place to live and no job, let alone career. The reason for Adalyn's life being in such dissaray isn't immediately explained but it comes later and it's a good explanation.
The girls relationship is a humourous one - they're very different characters but it works in a dysfunctional kind of way. Add in the other friends Stacy has made in her time apart from Adalyn and you've got yourself some interesting times to be had!

I'm actually lost for words here - there's a lot I want to say but I don't want to give anything away because I'd be really annoyed if anyone had told me anything about the story before I read it.
Suffice to say, Ian is awesome (I'm entirely in love with him) and the story is compelling. I didn't want to put it down which (in my humble opinion) means you should definitely pick it up!

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