Friday, 16 September 2016

Review: Playing Stacy by Jenn Hype

Stacy’s no stranger to trouble, considering that’s where her smart ass remarks usually land trouble.

A drunken night out with her best friend Adalyn lands her in jail. Not that she’d done anything wrong, except for hit on the incredibly sexy cop who showed up to take a report from Adalyn who’d had her purse stolen.

Chad, a no-nonsense officer who takes himself and his job very seriously, has no patience for Stacy’s shenanigans and over the top flirting. So he hauls her to jail to teach her a lesson, but didn’t expect it to cause Stacy to become a regular fixture in his life.

Stacy ends up befriending Chad’s partner, Joe, who keeps her company after Chad dumps her in a holding cell for the night. Joe and Stacy hit it off right away, resulting in Stacy always being around, no matter how much Chad tries to avoid her.

The constant bickering and sarcastic insults only heighten the sexual tension between Chad and Stacy, and Chad’s ability to control his emotions and actions becomes increasingly difficult.

A low scale war is declared between them, but their actions continue to both hurt each other while simultaneously pulling them together. When the fighting leads to literal bloodshed, they begin to wonder if they both should surrender before the war destroys them both.

Ikira's Review 5 of 5 stars

***Spoiler Alert***

So, this is the second book of a three part series. We met Stacy in book one and this book covers some of the same timeline but then further on than the first. It can be read as a stand alone - there isn't actually any need to have read the first book and I like that about it but at the same time, the first one did give a little insight into why she is the way she is and some of the back-story between her and Adalyn.

Stacy is completely bat-s**t-crazy...but in a hillarious way! 

The story initially covers the new friendship between Stacy and Joe. Their friendship is often affected and strained by Stacy's obsession with Joe's partner, Chad. Chad is the main love interest in Stacy's life despite her vows to the contrary but Chad can't stand her...or so he says. In many ways, their obsessions with their dislike of each other makes the ending somewhat obvious but what happens along the way; well, that takes some serious imagination!

Jenn Hype has an amazing imagination - her writing is inventive and fresh. A little far fetched sometimes, maybe...but what else do you read fiction for, if not to escape reality?!

Despite the weird, random and quite frankly crazy stuff they all go though, the characters are really quite believable. There are the four I've mentioned so far but also Ian - Adalyn's partner and Carrie, Ian's sister who also feature very heavily in the story but I'll leave you to read it in order to find out more about them. 

If you like gobby, sassy and clever lead women who use a fair bit of profanity, jump right in. If not, "move along - there's nothing to see here" as they say!

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