Friday, 2 September 2016

Review: Weeds or Wishes by Morgan Reeves

Weeds or Wishes
Sometimes the truth hurts more than the lie.
Samantha Townsend knows a thing or two about love. She’d had it not once, but twice, and watched it slip through her fingers both times. But she got through it. She was always the silver lining kind of girl. Life never gives you more than you can handle. Right?
When Sammi moves back to her old town, she’s faced with the one who got away. The first love. The big love. Connor Moore was everything she’d ever wanted in a boy. And now that they’re all grown up, she’s finding that she loves the man even more.
But some secrets are so big they break lives. And some truths are so hard that they can’t be overcome. When the weight of their decisions makes itself known, Sammi and Connor will need to decide how far they’re willing to go to find their happily ever after.
If it even exists.

Kerry's review 4 of 5 star

I was given this arc for an honest review and I didn't know it was going to affect me so much. This is the first book I have read by this author and I didn't know it was the second in a series but it doesn't spoil too much of the first book that I am going to have to read now.
Sammi and Connor are friends first but when emotions change Connor gets some life changing news and decides to break sammi's heart so that she doesn't know his secret.
When Sammi comes back to town it's inevitable she is going to run into Connor. I got so frustrated by the back and forth I actually thought they would never get their happy ending at first I really didn't like Connors character we didn't know what was wrong with him yet but it was quite easy to have a few guesses.
By the end of the book I was in tears dreading what was going to happen as lately I seem to read books that don't have a happy ending and I couldn't bare it for this two after everything they had went through to get the the final stage!
I'm so glad I got this book to read it was a brilliant story I would defiantly recommend this book to friends.

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