Tuesday 8 August 2017

Review: An Idiot in Marriage by David Jester

An Idiot in MarriageKieran McCall’s youth was a series of misguided attempts at love—a succession of sexual failures that always ended in disaster but somehow led to something worthwhile. As an adult, his failures looked like they were behind him. He married the love of his life and they had a child together, but chaos was never far away.

An Idiot in Marriage follows Kieran McCall as he learns to live with the strains of married life and parenthood, from dealing with incompetent babysitters and dirty diapers to neighbors from hell, stray ducks, and a best friend who still thinks with his dick.

Kieran McCall grew up, but he never matured and he never changed. He’s still a little immature, he’s still a little naïve, and he’s still massively incompetent. Kieran may be older, but he’s definitely not wiser. And if he doesn’t shape up, he may risk losing it all.

Shona's review 2 of 5 stars

I've often thought that I should write down the funny things my kids have said, or the hilarious (to me) conversations I've had with my friends, and I've often wondered what that would look like. Now I need wonder no more. An Idiot in Marriage reads like one anecdote after another, I'm sure the author intended for these to be as hilarious as I find my conversations with friends, but for this reader they fell very short of the mark. 
Comedic value of the writing aside, I have found it to be well written, each funny tale is told within its own chapter, and they are for the most part easy to read.... but I have a sneaky suspicion I may be of the wrong gender and age to truly appreciate this tale.

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