Thursday 26 October 2017

Christmas at Bay Tree Cottage by Linn B Halton

Christmas at Bay Tree Cottage (Christmas in the Country, Book 2)
The countdown to Christmas is usually a magical time, but Elena James is fed up with living on a building site! The renovations on her beautiful cottage – like her heart – have been frozen in limbo ever since she was unexpectedly widowed.

Elana calls in a professional, Luke Stevenson, to help finish the cottage, so her little girl can send letters to Santa up the newly-repaired chimney. Luke’s kind, capable and sexy – but he’s also ten years younger than Elana. So why has her heart decided it’s finally time for a thaw?

The perfect read to curl up by the fire with … for fans of Rebecca Boxall.

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars

One of the reasons I love reading books by Halton, is that regardless of where you find yourself, be it a villa in Italy or a cottage in the New Forest you are welcomed by her beautiful story telling that always feels like a conversation with an old friend. So its incredibly easy to slip between the pages and lose yourself in the story.

Whilst this book does follow Elana after the loss of her husband, it's just over a year since he passed so we dont get the immediate grief of her loss, but it's still there. And while Elana may not be looking to be moving on its nice to see the changes in her that helps her open up to the possibility of someone new.
Luke on the other hand is still trying to figure out what his life looks like after the end of his relationship with Anita, the mother of his little boy Joe. Luke has given up on his dreams,  to help his father out with his construction company so that he can provide for his family. At 24 he has quite the mature head on his shoulders, and knows where his priorities lie. I think he's still hoping that maybe he and Anita can reconcile and give Joe the family he deserves, so hes thrown off balance when he begins to develop feelings for Elana, even if he doesn't recognise it to begin with.

Their attraction grows slowly, first becoming friends and then realising that there might be something there, both characters are great and bring out the best in each other but both have reasons for not being together, and I love that Halton doesn't force them together and instead gives them both a get out clause.
Ultimately this is a beautiful tale of two people, individually learning they are ready to move on and find love again.

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