Monday, 30 January 2017

Review: The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline by Tabitha Caplinger

The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline
Zoe thought the loss of her parents would be the most difficult thing she’d ever have to endure. When she began seeing things she couldn’t explain in her new home of Torchcreek, Virginia, she was sure the grief was driving her mad. Instead Zoe discovers she is part of an ancient bloodline, one destined to defeat the powers of darkness from condemning the world. But Zoe, the daughter of the three, isn’t just another descendant–she’s the key to humanity’s salvation.

In this first installment of the Christian fantasy trilogy The Chronicle of the Three, Zoe Andrews learns that not all shadows are harmless interceptions of light. Some are a more sinister darkness that wants to torment the soul.

Clare's Review 4 of 5 Stars

Zoe has lost her parents in an awful accident and moved, along with her new guardian, Aunt Claire, to a quiet little town to recover. From the beginning things are different and Zoe has to embrace a new take on life that she hadn't anticipated.

My initial thought when I read the blurb for this book was yes! I need to read this! There is a religious aspect to this book that I wasn't expecting but I enjoyed this and I felt that the author did well with this part of the storyline. The relationship between the characters was well thought out and I enjoyed the way they seemed to effortlessly bind together, almost like the gang from Scooby Doo, each plays their own part. i read this book in a short time, it kept me hooked and I really enjoyed the progression of the story. I also enjoyed the ending, it's not often the 'enemy' has other options and I am looking forward to seeing where this character goes in the next installment.

I felt that this book would be suited to more of a YA audience, although I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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