Thursday 23 August 2012

Birth of the Nyxian by Amanda R Browning

Birth of the Nyxian (The Immortal Choice Series #1)Birth of the Nyxian by Amanda R. Browning

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aiden is a young Irish Knight living in the 1200's, who one night tries to help a young woman only to find himself being turned into a creature of the night. Luckily for him he was turned by force and with help from the Goddess Nyx he is able to retain some of his humanity, and no longer suffers from the blood lust that has caused him to kill so many innocents.
Skip forward about 800 years and we find Harlow, a young single woman with no real family. Thanks to a rather large insurance settlement she doesnt really need to work so spends her time learning and reading, her favourite subjects being the 1200's and vampires. When she meets a real life vampire how does she react? flabbergasted? Scared? Ready to run and scream for her life? Does she beg to be turned? Nope. She accepts that he will have to kill her because she discovered his secret but asks that he answer her questions first..
By the end of the night they have developed feelings for each other and make plans to meet again. Soon they are in love and running from Lilith the daughter of Hades who is hoping to draw Aiden to the dark side, when they discover his heart lies with Harlow they plan to turn her to entice him to the dark side. Soon the new couple find themselves on the run.

I started reading them grow attached to each other and discover they were in love, i was actually surprised when i looked at my kindle and discovered i was around 40% of the way through the book and there wasnt any action with the love story. But i didnt at any point find it lacking. The last 50% of the book is mostly action, with some love and sex thrown in for good measure and at no point did it feel like it had been 'rushed'.

I got to a point in the book when i actually started to panic, i wasnt sure where this was going to go and i was dreading the ending, but i really liked the ending. We get answers and promise of another story to come. Hopefully.

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