Friday 12 April 2013

Snow Bound

Snow Bound (More than Magic, #2)Snow Bound by Elizabeth Kirke

Book synopsis

After learning how to use magic and fighting vampires, anyone would be bored going back to normal college life. As if that wasn’t enough, Jen didn’t realize how hard it would be to tiptoe around her non-magic family and friends. She can’t even talk to her familiar, Rak, without making sure no one else is around! Worst of all, Jen misses the friends she made over the summer. Aside from Rak, they’re the only other magics she knows and she hasn’t seen them in almost five months!

Jen is all too happy to accept an invitation to go skiing with the gang. She gears up for two weeks of snow, magic, and fun. Just when everything seems to be going great, an uninvited guest turns up. Soon the skiers aren’t the only things going downhill. Jen thought that vampires were just about the most dangerous thing the magical world could throw at her. Unfortunately, she’s about to learn that people with no magic at all can be just as deadly ...

Shona's review 5 of 5 stars.

It has been a little while since I read the first book in this series Semester Aboard  but slipping back into the world that Elizabeth Kirke has created couldn't have been easier. I absolutely loved the first book, but the second was even better. Maybe it was because I already knew the main characters and was (to be honest) a little bit in love with more than one of the boys or, maybe it was because the story was just so damn great.It's hard to tell but they were definitely both contributing factors to my enjoyment.

Jen's relationship with Thomas progresses and by that I mean it actually gets started. I can't tell you how happy I was with that. Yes Thomas is one of my crushes, but he has this brooding vampire thing going in, he genuinely doesn't believe people accept him fully as a vampire, and that has a lot to do with his past. Hopefully Jen will change that for him.

It was great seeing how  the magics tried to hide their abilities from Jen's non-magic cousin Shannon, and failing. Although admittedly that was not their fault. I love the way the story played out and although I was sure it was going to go in an entirely different direction I'm glad it went the way it did.

I cannot wait to read the next instalment in this awesome series.

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